Olive Oil

Finikounda and the surrounding area are blanketed in olive groves that produce top quality olive oil. Kalamata, world renowned for its olives, is only 45 km away.

At Hotel Estia, we proudly offer our olive oil for sale. Produced from our own olive groves, which have been in the family for over 4 generations. Since 2003 we have tended and harvested these olives without the use of pesticides or fertilizers.

Every year, beginning in November, olives come into the spotlight, the pace of life changes here, and the olive harvest begins!

Interested in buying Hotel Estia's own cold-pressed olive oil? Click HERE to enquire.

250 ml - 4,00 eur

500ml  - 6,00 eur 

5L       - 35,00 eur  

Larger quantities, are also available upon request. Quantities are limited.

Guests are welcome to join in the olive harvest, to visit the olive press and to taste freshly pressed olive oil.