Finikounda, Messenia, Greece        

Welcome to Hotel Estia, a newly built 3* Apart-Hotel, located in sunny Finikounda, Messenia (Messinia) Greece.    

Finikounda, Foinikoundas, Foinikounta, Finikunda, Finikunta, Phoinikounta, no matter how you spell's always beautiful!

Who is Estia?

Estia (also transcribed Hestia) is the ancient Greek Goddess of the hearth fire and the protector of home and family. No grand temples of worship were built in her honour; every family fireplace was her altar.

The glowing fire in the hearth, the sustenance it provides when used to cook a nourishing meal, the warmth and coziness it casts on a cold night… it is this level of comfort that we at Hotel Estia want a guest to experience when staying with us.



COVID-19 information

Additional safety and hygiene measures have been put in place at the accommodation to deal with Coronavirus (COVID-19).

For more details please feel free to contact us.